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Earthcare General Terms and Conditions

Earthcare is a family owned and operated business that provides a friendly, efficient and cost-effective Refuse & Green Waste collection service. To help us maintain excellent customer service we have outlined below what you can expect from Wairarapa Environmental and what we ask you to do in return so we can deliver that service.


Product Specific Information


Subscription Payment Terms:  Our regular subscription service is sold as an ongoing rental and collection service. To deliver a reliable ongoing service we will automatically send your new invoice prior to your subscription renewal date. 

Joint account holders: If you are a new customer, we will set up a customer account for you. More than one person may wish to be named as our customer. In this case, each person who is named on the account has all of the rights, obligations and responsibilities set out in these terms and conditions.

Pricing: Your price for your chosen service(s) will not change for 12 months from the date you sign up. After 12 months, your prices may change from time to time. A notification of any price change will be shown on your prepaid statement.

Online Orders:  Online orders are submitted electronically through the website. Once your order has been confirmed you will be bound by a contract to purchase the services requested in your online order.  A request to alter your service order after your online order has been confirmed, will incur a fee.

Collection Start Time:  Our collections start from 7:00am on your collection day.  Wairarapa Environmental aims to collect your bin within two hours of your average collection time each collection.  In urban areas your collection time will be between 7.00am and 7.00pmWe will always collect the bin due for collection on your collection day, the only exception being Public Holidays.

We will notify customers via email or text messages, of any delays or changes to their collections.

Public Holidays:  When there are public holidays, your collection will generally be one day late, keep an eye on your emails as we will confirm your collection day during these times.

Placement of your Kerbside Wheelie Bin: The placement of where you leave your bin is important and will prevent you from missing your collection.  Please ensure you follow the below guidelines on where to leave your bin;

-          Leave your bin as close as you can to the kerbside, clear of the footpath and clear of other bins.

-          Bin wheels should be facing the property and bin handles away from the road.

-          Place your bin away from signs, lamp posts and trees.

-          Make sure your bin is not overfull and that the lid can close.

Entry on to property:  You acknowledge and agree that, if we are required to collect your bin from on your property, our staff have the right to enter your property solely for the purpose of collecting/removing our bin.   Our staff will carry identification and provide it on request, and will act courteously, considerately and professionally at all times. Please ensure that any animal that may put our staff at risk is be controlled when we are on your property.

Collection Issues:  If you have any issues with your collection, please contact us within 7 days via the web and we will work with you to determine the source of the issue. If it’s our error we’ll organise to return within 5-7 days of your request to rectify the problem.

Emergency Situations: If you require an emergency collection and we can assist, you will need to call us and subject to staff availability, we can organise a collection within 48 hours. There is a premium charge please contact our office to discuss options.

Lost or damaged products: You will be charged for lost or damaged products, the current costs charged are ($90.00) for bin replacements.

Moving house:  If you are moving to a serviceable area and want to continue your collection service you can do this by taking your product with you to your new address and contacting the office to update us with your new details.  If you would like our team to relocate this for you, a relocation fee will apply.




Organic waste only please:  Green waste is generally what grows from the ground upwards.  Please note we cannot take noxious weeds, bamboo, flax, dirt, soil, rocks, household rubbish, newspaper, old compost, animal droppings (or faeces), woodchips or branches bigger than 100mm in diameter and 0.75 meters long. Products containing any forbidden material will not be taken as this cannot be composted successfully. The full collection fee will apply, with additional fees added if forbidden material is found in the unit. If you contaminate our truck with prohibited material, we reserve the right to recover any costs incurred. 

Doggy Poo or other Animal Droppings are prohibited items:  Please do not place any animal droppings in to our bins. Not only is it unpleasant for our road team, there can be other diseases/toxins found which reduces the quality of the compost. Bins that contain these prohibited items will not be emptied, the prohibited items will need to be removed by you and the full collection fee will be charged for the attempted collection. We will return on your next collection date and only collect your bin if the prohibited items have been removed.

Note that animal droppings should be placed in your normal council refuse collection.




Payments:  Our pricing is based on prompt payment. Payment is required within 14 days of receipt of our invoice.  To ensure continuous collections please keep your account up to date.  Collections paid in arrears for standard services will be charged at $2.00 extra per collection. Please note that where you require invoices to be posted or when you provide an invalid email address (this includes where you have not paid your invoice after we have sent it to the email address you provided four times), we will charge a postage surcharge of $3.00 per invoice.

Direct Debit: If you pay monthly by direct debit, we aim to routinely take the payment on the day we have agreed with you. If the payment amount has changed due to costs incurred during the month, we will notify you 10 days before the amount is taken.  If you have chosen to be sent bills for payment, your bill will be sent 14 days before payment is due.

Preferred Payment:  Our preferred payment method is Direct Debit or Credit Card. 

  •         Payments made by credit card will incur a 2.5% surcharge this surcharge covers the additional costs our credit card processor charges.
  •         Payments can be made direct to our bank account. Our bank account number is as indicated at the bottom of each invoice and statement we send you.
  •         We do not accept cheques.
  •         We do not accept cash. Please do not make payments directly to our drivers as this places them at risk of robbery and they do not have the facilities onboard to receipt cash.

Overdue accounts:  Where payments are overdue, your account may be suspended until all outstanding balances are paid. Where payment for outstanding balances has not been made more than 30 days after the due date, the service will be cancelled and the account may be passed to a credit collection agency. Wairarapa Environmental reserves the right to charge an administration fee for overdue accounts, in addition to any fee charged by the collection agency. This administration fee covers our reasonable costs of managing your overdue account.

Additional Services:  In the case where you request other services and these are provided outside of your standard collection service, we may charge additional fees.  The most common additional or other services are detailed in these terms and conditions, however where the other services you request aren’t detailed in these terms and conditions, we will advise you of the additional charges at the time you request the additional service.

Cancellation of Service:  Please advise us if you no longer require the services we provide to avoid us continuing to service your address and to prevent extra charges to you.  Phone or email us confirming when your last collection is required, no later than 3.00pm Friday prior to your next collection week.  Your standard collection fee will apply for this final collection.  If you require the service to finish urgently, an emergency removal fee will apply and we will send a vehicle to remove our bin within 48 hours (subject to staff availability).

Un-used Collections:   We do not refund unused prepaid collections.  However, if you are moving, and have any prepaid collections at the time you need to cancel our service, you can transfer them to any other property (or customer) within our collection area.  If you do not use or transfer your unused prepaid collections within 90 days of your last service, the unused collections will be cancelled.

Early Cancellation of Service: If you sign up for a service and we deliver a bin to your property, and you decide not to have the service and cancel prior to your first collection, a $30.00 charge will apply to cover our reasonable costs and expenses of processing your service sign up and delivering the bin to you.

Accounts in credit on termination: If you cancel your service with us and your account is in credit because you have overpaid your account (and not as a result of a pre-payment), a $50 return fee will apply for the costs of our attempts to return that credit to you, which we may waive in our discretion. For credits $50 and under, the return fee will be set off against the credit amount and we will not attempt to return that credit to you.  For credits over $50, we will deduct the $50 return fee and use reasonable endeavours to return the balance of that credit to you. If, despite our efforts we are not able to return that credit to you (for instance, if your contact details are out of date and we don’t have your bank details) any unclaimed funds will pass to us after 24 months. This clause applies to the extent permitted by law.

Personal Information: To enable us to supply you with our services, we need to collect certain personal information from you. By providing us with personal information, you consent to us using that information to provide you with our services, and as permitted by the Privacy Act 2020. You can access personal information we hold about you, and if any information is incorrect, you can ask us to correct it.

Public statements: If you make public comments or statements about the products or services we provide you, or the relationship we have with you, we reserve the right to make such public comments as may be necessary to respond to such statements, or to correct any misconceptions or errors of fact.

Recording calls: We may record telephone conversations that we have with you so that we may maintain accurate records of our dealings with you. We may also use taped recordings to train our staff or to monitor the level of service that we are providing to you.

Liability: Neither party to these terms and conditions will be liable to the other party (in either contract or in tort) for any loss or damage the other may suffer (including any actual damage to property) unless this arises due to:

(a)    a failure to comply with these terms and conditions; or

(b)   a negligent act or omission of the relevant party; and

and that loss or damage is reasonably foreseeable, is directly caused by the failure or negligence (as the case may be), and is not caused by an event or circumstances beyond the relevant party’s control.

Indirect and consequential loss: Notwithstanding any other term in these terms and conditions, unless required by law, neither party to these terms and conditions will be liable to the other for any indirect or consequential loss or damage.

Maximum liability: Subject to the exclusions of liability above, and to the extent permitted by law, our maximum liability to you in connection with any claims arising from our services will not exceed $500.

Services acquired in trade: If you are “in trade” for the purposes of the Consumer Guarantees Act 1993, and are acquiring the services in trade, the provisions of the Consumer Guarantees Act 1993 will not apply.

Exclusions: All warranties, guarantees or obligations imposed on us by law are excluded to the maximum extent permitted by law.

Changes to terms and conditions:  We may amend these terms and conditions from time to time and will display the latest version of these terms and conditions on your account on our website. If we make material changes to these terms and conditions, we will send a copy of these terms and conditions to you at least 30 days before the changes take effect.

Notices and accounts: Notices and accounts will either be sent to or left at your physical address or the email address you provided. You agree that you will advise us of any change in your physical and email address. Notices will be considered to have been received by you either:

(a)    3 working days after posting, if mailed; or

(b)   on the day of delivery, if sent by email or left at your property, unless (in the case of email) we receive a notice of non-delivery.

Severability: If any term of these terms and conditions is, or becomes, invalid, unenforceable or illegal for any reason, it will be severed from these terms and conditions, and the remaining terms and conditions will remain in effect.

Assignment: You may not transfer or assign any rights, obligations or responsibilities set out in these terms and conditions to any other person. We may assign or transfer our rights, interests and obligations and or/liabilities at any time without your consent or notice to you, unless such assignment or transfer detrimentally affects your rights under these terms and conditions.

Subcontracting: We may subcontract or delegate the performance of any of our responsibilities under these terms and conditions.

Governing law: These terms and condition are governed by the laws of New Zealand. Each party submits to the non-exclusive jurisdiction of the Courts of New Zealand in relation to any dispute connected with these terms and conditions.