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Your new Food Waste Collection service

Putaruru Food Waste Recycling Trial Brochure

This Brochure is full of helpful hints and tips that could help you recycle up to 80% of your waste. By recycling we can help sustain natural resources for future generations. 

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Earthcare Environmental is the first company to introduce a dedicated food waste recycling service to New Zealand. A free service operated in partnership with the South Waikato District Council is currently being trialed for 12 months in Putararu before being offered in other centres.

Over 40% of the average household waste is food waste, which decomposes in our landfills to produce methane gas, a major cause of global warming. It’s far better for us to recycle this organic waste and return it to the soil as high quality compost. Launched on 5 April 2011, the Putaruru trial is already proving to be a major success. More information will be published here as we monitor the progress of New Zealand’s first dedicated food waste trial.